Never a bad time to know

Retroactive Claim Review

Artificial Intelligence solution to review claims instantly upon uploading a claim file and an interactive dashboard that presents results immediately as claims are reviewed.

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Sometimes things get out of hand

When spikes of claims start coming in, we know the unknown can create anxiety amongst stakeholders.

Get immediate insights

Once your case has been onboarded to ClaimScore's Retroactive Claim Review service, you can get instant access to claim validation results.

this is the meat and potatoes (and dessert)

The Fastest and Most Comprehensive Review Process on Earth

We have combined a 65+ point expert-system artificial intelligence algorithm with a neural-network machine learning system to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible; literally beyond humanly possible. This accuracy is stacked on a complex cloud-architecture that can bulk review millions of claims/hour, indefinitely.

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Get Custom Insights

An Interactive Dashboard to Filter Results

Case stakeholders are able to review up-to-the-second claim results in our proprietary interactive dashboard. The dashboard includes a summary of approved class members, units/claims, and payout amounts.  In addition, a summary table of all claimants is provided with the claim results, deduction codes, and payout amounts.

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1 Report for you and 1 for your client

A Report to Cover Due Diligence or Just a High-Level Overview

Users can filter data sets to drill down into specific claim cohorts. Once filters are applied users can choose to download Raw CSV Data files containing all details about each claim or PDF Insight Reports to get a more visual and statistical analysis of the case. Insight Reports provide aggregated results of valid and invalid claims, a timeline of claim submissions, as well as top claim sources and top deduction codes for spike timeframes.

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