The Backstory

40+ Years of class action case work

ClaimScore founders have been on both sides of the courthouse and lead Class Action Administration firms. Our team has worked on high-profile cases, collaborating with and opposing some of the most reputable class-action firms globally.

Deep understanding of the process

Our unparalleled experience means we have worked through the complexities of class action administration. We know the key drivers that propel cases to closure and the inefficiencies that exist in the process.

A history of disruption

Notice methods and benchmarks were forever changed because of our early digital marketing tactics. With our partners, we participated in the revolution of moving beyond paper checks and offering digital disbursements to the class.

Business & Technology leadership

Our founders’ entrepreneurial and technology leadership backgrounds have enabled ClaimScore to convert this experience to a powerful, user friendly software solution.

Mission Statement

Create technology that solves the issue of fraudulent claims in the class action industry, by delivering efficient, transparent and cost effective results in the name of class member fairness.

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Brand promise

Our software solution will deliver the most accurate and impartial results, exceeding class member, court and attorney expectations.

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The problem

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Increased Volume

significant uptick in claim submissions

Over the last 3-5 years there has been a drastic increase in the total number of claims submitted on each case.

tiktok and other social media influencers

Influencers drive their large networks of followers to consolidation and “free money” sites.

class action case consolidation sites

Websites that list active class action lawsuits are published to make consumers aware of the cases they may be eligible for.

Unscrupulous Intent

“Free Money” from Class Actions Sites

Websites are published to inform people they can get free money by submitting class action claims as a side hustle.

Technological Advances Leading to Fraud

Fraudulent claims are submitted after using programming scripts to change names, on VPNs to change IP address, via SQL injections to submit 100s of claims instantly.


The solution to the problem

Increased Volume and Unscrupulous Intent are Not Going Away Any Time Soon

This added traffic and intentional attempts to manipulate the system will continue. Proper validation is a more effective solution than trying to police all of the traffic sources.

Proprietary AI/ML Model

Our proprietary AI/ML technology uses a  20+ point multidimensional scoring system to process large volumes of submissions from any source, in real-time.

Accurate Claim Review System

We’ve created a system that accurately reviews claims in accordance with the criteria set forth in the settlement agreement. Claims that meet the criteria are paid; claims that don’t are not.

Increased Volume is Not Inherently Bad

Legitimate claimants learning about class action lawsuits they are potentially eligible for is not the problem. It’s the exploitation of the system that creates the real problem.

Combat the abuse

ClaimScore negates the misuse, and allows legitimate sources of claim traffic to serve their true purpose of notifying potential claimants without complicating the Settlement Administrator’s role in legitimizing claims.