Mid-Case Consultation

One time use of an Artificial Intelligence solution to review claims immediately upon uploading a claim file and an instant report that will give you insights into valid and invalid claims and payout amounts.

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insights can lead to action

When claim rates get out of hand, immediate answers are invaluable.

A Position Both Sides Seek

When problems are obvious, but the solution is not, the defense and plaintiffs will benefit from truth. This is a quick way to get a defensible breakdown of valid and invalid claims without spending six figures.

this is the meat and potatoes (and dessert)

The Fastest and Most Comprehensive Review Process on Earth

We have combined a 65+ point expert-system artificial intelligence algorithm with a neural-network machine learning system to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible; literally beyond humanly possible. This accuracy is stacked on a complex cloud-architecture that can bulk review millions of claims/hour, indefinitely.

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Get INSTANT Insights

One Report to Answer
Many Questions

Once claims are reviewed automatically, the results are aggregated so stakeholders can see the number of claims approved and rejected, as well as the associated units and payout amounts. Results are visualized on a timeline so submission trends can be identified immediately, and a statistical analysis identifies spikes. Spike insights provides users top claim sources and top deduction codes for the peak timeframes so viewers get a better understanding of these cohorts of claims.

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