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AI & Machine Learning Claim Validation

ClaimScore is the only independent software solution dedicated to resolving the ever expanding claim fraud problem in Class Action Settlements. Each claim is reviewed individually using our proprietary AI, ML, & Cloud Architecture in real-time and each result is reported instantaneously in an interactive dashboard.


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ClaimScore Calculation and ultimate visabilty

ClaimScore's Proprietary scoring algorithm means each claim receives the same consideration.

Each claim begins with a ClaimScore of 1,000 and is reduced each time it fails a criterion. Each criterion has either a fixed weight or sliding weight depending on both the correlation to fraudulent claims and correlation to valid claim.

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Once a claim is scored, it receives a Recommended Determination.

If a claim’s ClaimScore drops below 700, ClaimScore recommends that the claim be rejected as non-compliant with the specific terms of a Settlement Agreement, including an analysis that the claim contains “indicia of fraud”. A 700-passing score was selected to allow claims to fail certain criteria, yet still be approved; furthermore, claims are not rejected for single criterion unless they are specified in the Settlement Agreement.

Claims are all tagged with the relevant Deduction Codes.

To maximize transparency, each claim is tagged with deduction codes associated with the criteria it fails, thus ensuring that the parties, the administrator and the Court definitively know all specific reasons why each claim was rejected.

High profile, no problem

We've Been Here Before...

No one wants to be first, but don't worry, you won't be. ClaimScore has successfully navigated complex and recognizable cases already. This is nothing new for us.

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Jimenez v. Artsana USA, Inc., Case No. 7:21-cv-07933-VB (United States District Court, Southern District of New York)

Lipsky, et al. v. American Behavioral Research Institute, LLC, d/b/a Relaxium, Case No. 50-2023-CA-011526-XXXX-MB (Palm Beach County Cir. Court Florida)

Wyland v. Woopla, Inc., Case No. 2023-CI-00356 (Commonwealth of Kentucky Henderson County Cir. Court)

Rosenfeld et al. v. AC2T, Inc., Case No. 506882/2023 (Supreme Court of New York, County of Kings)

O’Malley, et al. v. FloSports, Inc., Case No. 3:22-cv-04920-JSC (N.D. Cal.)

Whiting v. Yellow Social Interactive, Ltd., Case No. 2023-CI-00358 (Commonwealth of Kentucky Henderson County Cir. Court)

Ignacio Perez, v. Rash Curtis Associates, U.S. District Court for the NorthernDistrict of California, Case 4:16-cv-03396-YGR (Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers)

Messick v. Applica, Florida Southern District Court, No. 0:12-CV-60464.


Real-Time Claim Validation

Administrators integrate with ClaimScore via an API, so claim form information can be immediately reviewed by ClaimScore in real-time. We'll respond with each Claim's ClaimScore, our recommended Determination, and Deduction Codes (i.e. why the claim lost points). Results are also presented instantly in an interactive dashboard. The package includes: API Integration, Automated Real Time Claim Review, Interactive Dashboard, and On-Demand Reporting.

Visibility when you need it

Retro Claim Review

Review claims at any time during the case and see results within minutes on the interactive dashboard. Run as many claim files as needed to meet case objectives. The package includes: Automated Claim Review, Interactive Dashboard, and On-Demand Reporting.

sometimes things get out of hand

Mid-Case Consultation

If an expert opinion is needed on claim validation for an existing case, you've come to the right place. Claim files are reviewed once and a single PDF Insight Report is produced. Based on these findings the stakeholders may elect to pursue the full Retro Claim Review package to gain full-access to result data, run multiple files, or query results by a number of filters.


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