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Consumer Protection & Privacy Act Cases are Our Specialties

As a software company, being an inch wide and a mile deep positions us to be the outright leader in the space. Once engaged with the solution, you will unequivocally agree.

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Recent Case Experience

Jimenez v. Artsana USA Inc.

Case No. 7:21-cv-07933-VB (United States District Court, Southern District of New York). Eliminated over 8.9 million fraudulent claims; saving the defendant over $330M.

Nixon, et al. v. Grande Cosmetics, LLC

Case No. 4:22-cv-00071-JSC (U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California). Eliminated over 98% of submitted claims as fraudulent; increased the common fund payments to class members by 58% due to improved accuracy, in partnership with the Administrator.

Daniell Skarpnes, et al. v. Elixir Cosmetics OPCO, LLC

Case No. CU23-04638 (Superior Court of California, County of Solano). Eliminated over 98% of submitted claims as fraudulent; increasing the common fund payment to class members by 55x.

Rosenfeld & Ryder, et al. v. AC2T, Inc.

Case No. 506882/2023 (Supreme Court of New York, Kings County). Eliminated over 98% of submitted claims as fraudulent; ensured class members were paid full amount from common fund (i.e. no pro-rata discounts required).


With & Without ClaimScore

Anticipated vs. Actual Claim Rates

Class Size


Claims Rate


Anticipated Number of Claims


Actual Claims Received

Anticipated Claim Type Distribution
Anticipated Payouts by Claim Type
No Proof
With Proof
Known Class Member
without ClaimScore
Valid Claim Identification Accuracy
Fraud Identification Accuracy
Claims to be Paid
Common Fund Payout Amounts
without ClaimScore
No-Proof Claim Payout
With Proof Claim Payout
Class Member Payout
Claims Made Payout to Class
without ClaimScore
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Consumer Fraud and Privacy Act cases are categorically popular. They yield high volumes of claims and require little evidence from claimants. They are popular on TikTok and revenue generating websites have been created sheerly to report to the general population how they can collect "Free Money". Here is how we combat these cases:


When you are talking about 10s to 100s of thousands of claims, review times can be an exponential problem. We can handle bulk submissions of over 150k claims in hours and live review claims at a frequency of 1,000's of claims/minute, indefinitely.

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At this volume, correlations between claims that should yield rejection are often undetectable by humans. 20+ Years of experience went into our expert system AI and we've doubled down on accuracy by adding neural network machine learning.

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